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Your go-to destination for exceptional spirits and touch of stylish clothing featuring our iconic SV logo.

At Somerset Viking, we believe that life is meant to be savoured. With our carefully crafted selection of rum and vodka, we invite you to indulge in the rich flavours and smooth textures that will transport you to exotic lands and unforgettable moments.

Ignite your senses

Embrace the spirit of adventure

Explore our collection of premium rum, meticulously distilled to perfection. Our spiced rum awakens your taste buds, each bottle is a testament to the artistry and passion of our distillers. Not forgetting SV’s “The Black Rum”… the dark and mysterious addition to the range.

For those who prefer the crisp, clean taste of vodka, we offer a range of exceptional options. From classic, unflavoured vodka to tantalising flavoured varieties, our collection is designed to elevate your cocktail experience and ignite your senses.

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Carefully curated clothing

Going beyond exceptional spirits

We also offer a limited selection of clothing that perfectly complements our brand. Our small but carefully curated collection features comfortable and stylish pieces that effortlessly embody the spirit of adventure and self-expression. A range for adults and children, our clothing line allows you to showcase your Viking spirit wherever you go.

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Strength, resilience, and fearless nature of the Viking spirit

Our logo represents the strength, resilience, and fearless nature of the Viking spirit. Wear it proudly as a symbol of your commitment to living life to the fullest, embracing new experiences, and celebrating the moments that matter.

So, whether you're in search of the perfect rum or vodka to elevate your next gathering, or looking to add a touch of unique style to your wardrobe, Somerset Viking is here to guide you on your journey.

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