Spiced Rum

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Somerset Viking Spiced Rum is a superb blend of rich and warming flavours. Crafted with care and attention, this rum offers a harmonious balance of spices. The smoothness of the rum is achieved through meticulous distillation processes, ensuring a velvety texture that glides effortlessly across the palate. The infusion of carefully selected spices adds depth and complexity, creating a uniquely British twist on a classic spirit. With each sip, you can expect a symphony of flavours, including hints of vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, and other secret botanicals, all working together to create a truly memorable drinking experience. Whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as the star ingredient in a delicious cocktail, this smooth spiced rum from SV is sure to satisfy even the most discerning rum connoisseur.

Spiced Rum - 35% ABV, 70cl Bottle

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